Operates 24/7
Friendly service
Low price
Our job

We are responsible for answering the phone, greeting callers, establishing reason for calling, taking a message and, or, resolving issue by contacting appropriate person that can help the customer.

Times when our services are most useful
  • When your office is unattended

  • When you need to provide immediate customer care

  • When your main line is engaged

  • When you wish to work undisturbed

  • When you have high call volume or need to cover high call periods

  • When you are short-staffed

  • When you need high level satisfactory service to answer calls after-hours

Services we offer
  • Live answer

  • Toll free number rental

  • Dispatch service

  • Appointment scheduling

  • Conference calls

  • Fax on demand

  • Custom dispatch

  • Wake up service

  • Messages faxed

  • Messages emailed

  • Text paging

  • Numeric paging

  • Call forwarding

  • Call logs

  • Voice recordings​